Benjamin Franklin is reputedly the inventor of the first bifocal lenses. He had his optician split his distance and near lenses in half and join them together down the middle. This allowed excellent distance and near vision with one pair of glasses. Of course, times have changed and the manufacture of multifocal lenses has become much more sophisticated. There is still a place however for the original bifocal design. In this case our client is an airline captain and his visual needs are quite demanding. Many pilots do quite well with standard progressive lenses, however my client feels uncomfortable with the slight peripheral blur experienced with them.

Below is a photo of the pair that I made for him. They have his full distance in the top, gauges distance in the middle and the near is for the fine detail of filling out paperwork. All set at the correct heights for easy usage.

There are many instances when patients can be assisted with Franklin split bifocals/trifocals, in particular eye muscle balance issues and problems that arise when the lens power is different in the right and left eye. Really, the use for these lenses is only limited by our imagination.

Franklin Bifocals



Posted by Murray O'Brien on October 1, 2018

You may have heard of the term ‘grind lenses’ but probably don’t really know what it really means. The same may apply to the term ‘stock lenses’. Anyway, stock lenses are finished on both the front and back surface, come in various powers including correction for astigmatism and are delivered as a round blank of perhaps 65 or 70mm in diameter. The lens is then shaped by a machine so that it can be fitted into a frame. The picture below is of two pairs of glasses with the one above made in stock lenses and the one below in grind. Look at the thickness difference!

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Posted by Murray O'Brien on April 5, 2018

Robyn is a long time customer of ours who travels all the way from the opposite side of Melbourne which is two hours away just to purchase her glasses from us. This time we made her lenses to our own design which have 16 Sworovski diamantes emplanted into each lens. The rimless mount is a ‘Stepper’ titanium which are very fine and give a very subtle, minimalist look. We used Japanese Hoya progressive (multifocal) lenses which offer fantastic scratch resistance with their advanced coating technology.

Posted by Murray O'Brien on February 27, 2018

Sometimes we do interesting things to help our clients. A gentleman came to us today asking if there was some way we could help his poorly fitting glasses that he had purchased elsewhere. They were sitting way to low on his face due to his rather narrow nose. We retro fitted nose pads into his frame, now they sit perfectly and he can see again! The first step was to remove the original moulded plastic pads with a file, then smooth the area with fine sandpaper, then polish. We then drilled holes in the frame and pressed in the new titanium pad arms.

Posted by Murray O'Brien on May 6, 2017

We can tint lenses using FL41 tint supplied by BPI in the U.S.A. Whilst most of the evidence is anecdotal, is does seem that people who are afflicted by light induced migraine can get relief from it by wearing FL41 tinted lenses to 50% density.

Please come in and see us about tinting your prescription lenses if you suspect or know that your migraine is caused by light, especially flickering fluorescent lighting.

If you do not wear or need prescription lenses then of course we can make them with no prescription for you, referred to in our industry as ‘plano’.

They are not available in Transitions (photochromatic) and cannot be combined with anti reflective coating.

FL41 tint by BPI
FL41 tint by BPI


Posted by Murray O'Brien on June 30, 2016


Technology in the eye care field is racing ahead at a lightning pace. We now have the ability to diagose many eyes conditions way ahead of conventional techniques, and one of the greatest advances in this area is Optical Coherence Tomography or O.C.T.  O.C.T. is similar in some ways to the results we see when we do an ultrasound on some other part of the body, but rather than ultrasound, O.C.T. uses light. It creates an image of tissues of the retina so we can see down through the cell layers in three dimensions. The best analogy is that of a cake. If we view a cake from the top only we have no idea of the layers underneath that constitute how the cake layers are made and it’s the same with conventional diagnostic techniques. When an eyecare professional looks at the back of your eye they only see the top layer of the cake, they can’t see what is happening below the surface. O.C.T. however changes all that. It gives us a very accurate snapshot in minute detail of the health of the macular area of the retina including the optic nerve head.

Healthy macula scan
This is a scan of a healthy macula. The dark stripes are the shadows of blood vessels.

The scan below is of a patient of ours who has diabetes. It looks quite different to the one above. The diabetic macula oedema can clearly be seen as swelling and sacks of fluid.

OCT scan of diabetic macular oedema
Thiis is an OCT scan of diabetic macular oedema

Fortunately there is now treatment available if the oedema is diagnosed early enough. Diabetics in particular should be having regular eye examinations as they are particularly susceptable to complications.

Posted by Murray O'Brien on September 23, 2013

We have decided to put in the Adidas range of eyewear. They are a fabulous range from Silhouette of Austria  and are made of surgical quality stainless steel. They are particularly good for kids/youth, as they come with a TWO YEAR UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE!

Adidas Eyewear


Posted by Murray O'Brien on August 7, 2013

We recently made some rimless eyewear for George. It was a frame that he had bought elsewhere which had very small lenses. George needed a bigger size than the originals, only problem is that George lives on the south coast of New South Wales and we’re near Melbourne in Victoria. So after seeing some photos of George with the originals on we set about getting the size, fit and dimensions right. The results are evident from the pictures below. I’m sure you’ll agree the fit of the new lenses (the lower picture) is much more suitable than the originals and George by all accounts is very happy with the result!

Custom rimless eyewear Mug-Shot-6

Posted by Murray O'Brien on June 25, 2013

Our shop window has been adorned with some fabulous works of art by some local school children. The Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery currently has an exhibition of Archibald Prize entrants, so the local school kids got in on the act and had their very own Archibald style competition. Some of the works are fabulous with very good likenesses of some well known personalities such as Chris Judd, Mr Bean and Sam Newman. Pass by and have a look! We’re at Rosebud Beach Shopping Centre near the entrance to Safeway.


Posted by Murray O'Brien on June 13, 2013

We recently made a frame for Bridget. The lenses have been done and the job is now completed. We are really happy with the result and so is Bridget! Doesn’t she look stunning in her new custom made eyewear! The lenses are progressive transitions with anti-reflective coating.

Custom made eyewear Custom made frames

Posted by Murray O'Brien on May 22, 2013