Buffalo Horn Frames

Some years ago I purchased some Buffalo Horn from Pakistan with the intention of making some frames from it. It is such a unique, natural and beautiful material. I wanted to make something really special. I experimented but ran out of time and patience to perfect the techniques required for a fantastic result. I love doing traditional riveted joints and struggled with the material splitting as I was pressing the head of the rivet. Anyway, I decided that during this very strange pandemic period that I would make myself a new pair of glasses and that I would make the frame from buffalo horn.
I selected a plate of a colour that I thought would suit my complexion and hair colour and got to work! I wanted a unique and distinctive but traditional look. I had already developed a design from a previous project that I decided to use, so I cut out the frame from the 10mm thick horn plate fairly quickly using my specially designed and very old pin router. Then the hard work of shaping and finishing began!
I worked out how to do the rivets without the splitting problem and am really happy with the result.
How long did this project take? I didn’t time it but I would be surprised if it was less than 20 hours over a few days. It takes lots of patience to get a perfect result.

Posted by Murray O'Brien on May 20, 2020