Clip on sunglasses

We can custom make clip on sunglasses to fit nearly any frame. The product we use is the ‘Caesar Flip’ made by Sasamata in Japan. They are typically Japanese in that the engineering is fantastic. They flip up, sit very close to the spectacle lenses and are light and unobtrusive.

Ordering process

If you can come and see us in person, that is best. If not you can send your glasses to us whereupon we can custom make your new clip on. The price excluding return freight is $99.


There is an option of grey or brown lenses only. All lenses are polarised. The grey lenses are 75% absorption and the brown lenses are 85%.

Prescription clip on reading glasses

We can also make prescription clip on reading lenses¬†with the Caesar flip mount. These are particularly useful for people who don’t like bifocal or multifocal lenses but need to read then see in the distance. Just clip them onto your distance glasses, flip them down for near tasks then flip them up for distance tasks. They are great for shopping at the supermarket as well as reading on shelves above your head is difficult with multifocals.