Designed Eyes handmade

I made the frame below completely by hand using a fret saw, files and wet and dry. The polish is applied by four stages of buffing. I made it for myself and it is asymmetric in design. The hinges are riveted in the traditional way and the plastic is Italian cellulose acetate. There are only four or five manufacturers of frames in Australia now. We used to have a major manufacturer in Sydney called Martin Wells. They were an icon of Australian optics but went broke back in about 1996 I think. It’s such a shame they were unable to move with the times and remain viable, alas they were addicted to the government’s protectionist policies and once tariffs were removed they soon faded away. Some of my machines were originally from Martin Wells. Designed Eyes hand made

 The picture below shows the traditional riveted hinges. Don’t think they’ll break in a hurry!

Hinge view

Posted by Murray O'Brien on July 16, 2012