FL 41 glasses


We can tint lenses using FL41 tint supplied by BPI in the U.S.A. Whilst most of the evidence is anecdotal, is does seem that people who are afflicted by light induced migraine can get relief from it by wearing FL41 tinted lenses to 50% density.There is also some evidence that FL41 tint can have benefits for sufferers of blepharospasm.

Please come in and see us about tinting your prescription lenses if you suspect or know that your migraine is caused by light, especially flickering fluorescent lighting.

If you do not wear or need prescription lenses then of course we can make them with no prescription for you, referred to in our industry as ‘plano’.

They are not available in Transitions (photochromatic) and cannot be combined with anti reflective coating.

FL41 packages are available using the frames pictured below for $195