We have a range of frames to suit all styles and budgets. We love genuine retro eyewear and have a great range for the genuine enthusiast. We also specialize in rimless eyewear.  Take a look here to view some of what we have to offer. We only stock brands in which we see real value and style. Designer names don’t mean much if the quality is inferior. We prefer frames produced in Europe, Japan, U.S.A. and Australia. Brands we are proud to stock include:

EschenbachJono HennessyShuronProDesign, Koali, KameMannen, Francis KleinVanni, Joop, Bill Bass, Ogi, Lightec, Humphreys, Brendel, Davidoff, Adidas, Lastes, Seraphin

 Francis Klein

Rimless Eyewear

We are expert in the manufacture of rimless eyewear. We can customize them to any shape or size that you require. We also make our special “Elite” range which have Swarovski crystals embedded into the lenses for something really special! We design and import our rimless eyewear range which we distribute to a number of optical retailers. We only use lens materials that ensure your rimless glasses are strong as well as beautiful.

Frames for big heads, frames for small heads

We carry a huge range of frames in which very carefully select to make sure we have a range of frames for all sizes of faces and head. Large companies tend only to stock middle of the road. Size is so important for comfort and looks. The most beautiful frame won’t look good if it does not fit properly, so we will take the time and care to make sure we find a frame for you that is just perfect!