We have a range of frames to suit all styles and budgets. We love genuine retro eyewear and have a great range for the genuine enthusiast. We also specialize in rimless eyewear.  Take a look here to view some of what we have to offer. We only stock brands in which we see real value and style. Designer names don’t mean much if the quality is inferior. We prefer frames produced in Europe, Japan, U.S.A. and Australia. Brands we are proud to stock include:

Rodenstock, Eschenbach, Seiko,  Jono HennessyShuronProDesign, Koali, KameMannen, Francis Klein, Lafont, L’AmyNooEyewear, Vanni, Xenith, Joop, Le Tanneur, Bill Bass, Ogi, Lightec, Humphreys, Brendel, Davidoff, Adidas, Lastes, Seraphin

Francis Klein

Francis Klein of Paris

Retro / vintage eyewear

This frame is made by Shuron USA. They have been making eyewear since 1865 and still make genuine  retro models from the 1940’s 1950’s and 1960’s. The quality is superb, unlike some other original  American brands that have been bought by foreign  companies and made using modern cheap methods.

Note: We do not allow browsers to try on our Shuron frames if they are intending to purchase on the internet. We can help you get all the measurements correct for your face if you purchase from us and order in the right size if necessary.

Nusir by Shuron

Frames by Shuron USA, genuine retro


We are expert in the manufacture of rimless eyewear. We can customize them to any shape or size that you require. We also make our special “Elite” range which have Swarovski crystals embedded into the lenses for something really special! We design and import our rimless eyewear range which we distribute to a number of optical retailers. We only use lens materials that ensure your rimless glasses are strong as well as beautiful.


We also have a great range of contemporary styles. We like Australian made so where possible try to stock  as many locally made products as possible.  You’ll find our prices to be very competitive even  with the large chains that cleary market their  business only on price. Not only that you know the  money stays in the country!

Frames by Jono Hennessy

Fabulous frames by Jono Hennessy

Frames for larger than average heads

Even if you have a big head, we carry a great range of frames with especially wide eye sizes, bridge fittings and extra long sides. Noo Eyewear is a Melbourne based company that specializes in extra large spectacles frames, and we carry many of their models.

If you have P.D. (interpupillary distance) of 72mm or above you may find it difficult to find a spectacle frame which fits you properly. Most optical dispensers and optometrists only cater for “average” size people. At Designed Eyes we understand that not all people are created equal and we pride ourselves on being able to find the right size frame for any size head. We have people from all over Victoria visiting us especially just to get the right frame. If you’re travelling any distance to try our very big spectacle frames please call first to let us know when you will be visiting us.

We recently fitted a very large gentleman who had a P.D. of 77mm with a new frame and lenses. He looked stylish and smart and for the first time in his life had a pair of eyeglasses that really fitted! He was a very happy customer and we were also very happy to have been able to assist with both his eyecare and eyewear needs.

Of course being expert in the fabrication of rimless eyewear, we can make rimless glasses to suit people with both large and small heads. Not only that, we can also make the lenses any shape that you desire.

The truth about “Designer Frames”

At Designed Eyes we are much more concerned with genuine quality and styling than “Designer” names. All too often Designer name frames are only that; a name. The usual situation is that a large frame wholesaler or factory will be licenced to brand with a particular name. The factory or wholesaler will then design and manufacture the frames with the “designer” name attached, leaving the designer out of the process all together. Sometimes the “designer” brand may wish to approve the final designs, but that would often be the limit of their involvement besides taking a fee for use of the name.