Independent optics under threat

OK everyone, here’s the deal. Independent optical retailers (both opticians and optometrists), and independent optical wholesalers are under threat of extinction. We need to spread the word quickly that this is the case. As it is now, well over 50% of the Australian retail optical market is foreign owned. That’s right. So if you buy your glasses and contact lenses at OPSM, Budget Eyewear, Laubman and Pank (all owned by Italian company Luxottica) or Specsavers (Britrish owned) then the profits all get sent back overseas. Australian technology suffers and jobs diminish because the big foreign companies get their stuff made overseas (mainly China).  So please tell your friends this important information. OPSM is not an Australian company and neither is Specsavers. Keep the money in the country and buy your glasses at your local independent optical professional!

Posted by Murray O'Brien on October 16, 2010