We use only the highest quality lenses from the most trusted suppliers, and we can access all major international and Australian brands. We have no exclusive agreements with any supplier so you can trust that we will always recommend the lens that is best for you, not just the one that is most profitable! Look at the names that we regularly access for our customers.

Carl Zeiss Vision

Zeiss is a German brand synonymous with the production of high quality optical instruments such as telescopes and binoculars. Zeiss have a major research and development facility in Adelaide as well as a state of the art production facility.


Hoya are the biggest manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses in Japan. Their lenses are second to none with regard to quality. In particular their lens coating technology is superb and we will often recommend Hoya lenses for customers that require antireflective coatings due to the superior reliability of the product. The Japanese eye for detail is renowned the world over and Hoya lenses are no exception.


Essilor is the largest manufacturer of lenses in the world. We order through their laboratory in West Heidelberg, a suburb to the north of Melbourne.


Californian based lens caster that supply optical laboratories with lens blanks and stock lenses. They make many specialty lenses including their polarised brand “NuPolar”. We love Younger Optics for their commitment to producing great product in an unassuming way and their support of independently owned optical businesses. We stock Trilogy lenses by Younger. They are the best choice by far for rimless and come with a lifetime guarantee against cracking and splitting.

CR Surfacing Laboratories

CR Surfacing Laboratories are the biggest independently owned optical laboratory in Australia. Their facility in Dandenong, a suburb of Melbourne is a second to none state of the art establishment.

Shamir Australia

Shamir Australia, originally known as Smythe and Perkins is based in Brisbane. Shamir is an Israeli based company that recently purchased a 50% share in Smythe and Perkins. Shamir is a lens design and casting company that generally sell their lens designs to laboratories under licence. We use Shamir to do most of our work. Their quality and service is exceptional for the price. We are very pleased to have Shamir as major lens supplier.

Progressive lenses (Multifocals)

Progressive addition lenses are lenses which allow you to see both at near at at distance with the same lens. They have no obvious lines, but the portion for distance viewing is in the top of the lens and the portion for near viewing is in the lower part of the lens. Even if you don’t really need an optical correction for distance vision, progressive lenses can be very convenient because you can leave your glasses on all day no matter what the task and enjoy good vision without the problems associated with having a pair of glasses which allow you to read only.