Your new glasses are an important purchase and they need to be looked after to ensure you get great visual performance from them. We see many spectacle wearers trying to clean their lenses inappropriately and damaging them in the process.

Here’s the best way to clean your glasses:

Particularly if your glasses are multicoated (have an antireflective layer added to the surface) the correct cleaning method is very important. Not following these steps could result in the coating breaking down (crazing) then not performing as it should.

1. NEVER wipe your lenses without washing them first! If you don’t wash them first and wipe them, all you will be doing is rubbing the oil that is on the lenses around and around without ever truly cleaning them.

2. Wash your glasses (lenses) with mild hand soap and water then dry with a clean soft tissue OR wipe with a soft tissue that has metholated spirit on it.  Either method removes the grease or oil on your lenses that comes out of your skin or from your hands.

3. Don’t rub and rub and rub your lenses. This will wreck them for sure! Once they are washed they just need to be wiped dry gently with a SOFT tissue or CLEAN lens cleaning cloth.

4. Clean your glasses regularly for best visual performance.

Cleaning cloths

Cleaning cloths are great as long as they are clean! Some people use a cloth to clean their glasses without having washed the glasses first. If you do that, the cloth will get dirty so the next time you clean them you will be using a dirty cloth which will make it impossible to clean. So only use a CLEAN cloth after you have washed your lenses just to get rid of any tissue or dust left behind after dying them. If your cleaning cloth gets dirty put it in the wash before you use it next time!