Lenses for rimless glasses

If you have ever owned a pair of rimless glasses where the lenses broke then the chances are that the place you purchased them from did not use the right lens material. In this day and age there is no excuse why your rimless lenses should break. When you purchase rimless glasses from Designed Eyes you can be assured that the lenses will not break!

We only use the following lens materials for rimless:

1. Trivex 1.53: By far the strongest lens available, and the best all round lens for rimless applications. It is marketed by Younger Optics as “TRILOGY” and by Hoya as “PHOENIX”. They are the only lenses that for all intents and purposes could be called “unbreakable”.  Scratch resistance is however no better than the coating applied to it.

2. First Choice 1.58. This is a brand new material on the market and released by CR surfacing laboratories as the “dream lens material” . We agree. It is absolutely brilliant. Extremely tough yet far more easily worked than Trivex. It has an Abbe number around 48 which is outstanding for this level of refractive index which ensures clear vision for the wearer.

3. 1.67 index: Definitely the best option for higher prescriptions. Material is soft and drills and notches easily without risk of splitting or cracking.

4. 1.6 index. Most 1.6 index lenses are well suited to rimless, however a little more brittle than 1.67 and should therefore be avoided with lower prescriptions. For lower R/X’s use TRIVEX instead. There are a couple of 1.6 materials that we feel are unsuitable however. (see below). 

5. Polycarbonate 1.6. can be used with compression type rimless mountings (the ones with plastic plugs) but we feel it is such an inferior material optically that it is best not to use it at all. Many large chain stores still use it though. They are buying it very cheaply no doubt and use it simply to maximize profits.

 Lenses listed below are unsuitable for rimless applications:

Glass, CR39, 1.56 index, Sola Finalite 1.6, AO 1.6, 1.7 index, 1.74 index 

Over a number of years now we have been able to refine the list to ENSURE that what we recommend will work