We hope to create an interesting links page, not just of commercial content, but something with interest and educational value. Small companies and individuals doing it “their way” will get high priority here. Larger companies that we feel are really doing their stuff well will also get a look in. Artistic content will also be very highly regarded.

Australian Dispensing Opticians Association is the peak body for dispensing opticians in Victoria. Learn more about what they do and how to become one.

Younger Optics. American lens manufacturer famous for its range of polarised and Trilogy lenses.

Nidek. Japanese manufacturer of high quality optical instruments and lens finishing equipment. We use Nidek equipment at Designed Eyes. It gives a great result!  Very interesting website featuring great articles and images about the history of spectacles.

Roger Henley Adelaide based frame maker producing some very cool and colourful acetate frames.

Kees Wennekendonk Artist from Holland who makes frames from exotic materials such as horn, ivory etc.

Operaopera English Optometrists/Opticians who manufacture frames for their retail store, and can also make one-off “bespoke” frames from acetate.

Masato Ito  Masato Ito handcrafts some very interesting eyewear in Japan.

Handmade sterling silver frames by Ric Kolseth in the U.S.A.

Glass Tailor order made frame shop in Japan. All the frames are custom made from acetate. He does some fantastic work!

Urban Spectacles produce hand made frames made in the USA primarily from fine timbers. They truly are magnificent pieces of art and some of the timbers have the most exquisite grain.  Have a look, this is mind blowing stuff.

Shuron have been making frames in the U.S.A. since 1865. We stock a small range of their absolutely classic vintage eyewear which is still produced today. The quality is great and this is GENUINE vintage eyewear.

Eschenbach are a manufacturer of high quality frames, low vision aids and binoculars. We love their products and stock a range of their low vision aids. Typical of German precision engineering.

Sankokogaku is a Japanese manufacturer of high quality spectacle frames. We import their frames directly from Japan and they are of truly beautiful quality.

Jono Hennessy Sceats is a Sydney based designer whose family has been involved in the eyewear business since 1925. Jono’s frames are bold and colourful and always on the cutting edge of design.

Fritz Frames is a frame maker based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. They make frames by laminating thin wood veneers together and finishing them with clear marine grade varnishes. They are truly unique and look really beautiful.

Maison Bonnet is a French third generation elite producer of handmade eyewear from turtle shell, horn and acetate. They have made spectacle frames for former French Presidents and many French elite. Fantastic craftsmanship and tradition.