O.C.T. (Optical Coherence Tomography)

At Designed Eyes we’re committed to providing you with the very best level of eyecare available. With our O.C.T. scanner we can look deep beneath the surface of your retina which allows us to detect any changes which may be occurring long before they would normally become visible on the surface. This technology is very different to Retinal Photography. A retinal photograph only allows us to see what’s happening on the surface. O.C.T. on the other hand gives us a picture of what’s below the surface.

Using this technology allows us to diagnose eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic macular oedema, glaucoma and much more earlier than ever before. The earlier the disease is detected, the earlier treatment can follow, potentially saving you vision from further deterioration.

An O.C.T. scan takes about ten minutes to do, is completely non invasive, painless and safe. Usually we will scan you before your examination with our optometrist so that he can analyze the scan during the consultation.

OCT Scanner
Our Nidek RetinaScan 3000 Advance