Our Services

Retail Optical Services

We are here to service your all your prescription eyewear needs. You can make an appointment with our optometrist Mark Besley, who offers comprehensive eye examinations and contact lens services, or bring along your prescription from any optometrist or ophthalmologist, then we can offer you our expert optical dispensing services.  We can source lenses from a range of major local and international manufacturers which means we can specify exactly the right lenses for YOU!

Spectacle repairs

We also offer expert adjustments and repairs including solders, hinge repairs, screws, nose pads as well as specialist customization of plastic (acetate) frames.

Custom made clip on sunglasses

We can also custom make clip on sunglasses for most styles of glasses frames. We have been making Uni-clips for many years and have perfected the custom manufacture of them. Uni-clips are $121. Also we can make flip up clip on sunglasses from a Japanese manufacturer called SASAMATA. Their clip on is called the CAESAR FLIP II. It is pictured below. We need your glasses to make them for you and they cost $110. If you send them to us there will be a return freight charge of $15.

We have a great range of modern fashion prescription and sunglass frames to suit all budgets and tastes. Our passion is beautifully crafted hand made unique eyewear and retro/vintage styles, whilst we understand that’s not for everyone why not come in and give them a try on? You never know you might find just the look you are after.

On site spectacle manufacturing

At Designed Eyes we manufacture your glasses on site which means much more convenience for you, and a guarantee that the job will be done properly! We manufacture each pair of lenses with the skill and diligence you would expect from a master craftsman.

Same day glasses

We carry a large range of single vision lenses so that we can make your glasses same day if necessary and if your prescription falls within our stock range.

Magnifiers and Low Vision Aids

We have a range of low vision aids on offer from Eschenbach of Germany. These are superbly crafted optical instruments at reasonable prices.

Eschenbach clip on magnifyer

Eschenbach clip on magnifyers have a huge range of uses

The clip on magnifier shown in the photo has a myriad of uses. We use them in our workshop here at Designed Eyes when doing fine detailed work. If worn with progressive lenses, the object viewed can be seen through the near or distance portion of the spectacle lens simply by adjusting the angle of the  arm on the magnifier. So in effect the distance at which one works can be varied.

The magnifier is also available in a range of powers, from 2x up to 5x. Until you’ve used one one these you don’t know what you’ve been missing. We recommend anybody who requires a near correction (reading glasses) would need one of these for some tasks.  Reading glasses generally allow for a set working distance, usually 40 cm which is too far for many tasks. What if the task requires focussing at 20cm? Most over 40’s can’t do it!