Ready made reading glasses

More people seem to be opting for ready made reading glasses these days. They are happy to compromise their vision to save money.  For some this approach can work but for many it will fail dismally. Let me outline why.

There are many aspects to vision correction that are completely missed by the general public, and I’ll use a real example to illustrate. I met an old friend at a re-union the other day who proudly showed me his $9 glasses that he was wearing for distance vision. Sure enough they were single vision glasses, which means that at the age of 46 as he is, those glasses could not possibly be functioning well for him. At a glance the glasses appeared to be about +1.00 or +1.50. If his distance vision is good and doesn’t require correction, at age 46 that +1.00 or +1.50 might be good for near use, but near use only. If he can see well at distance with them which appeared to me to be what he was using them for, then there’s no way they could be good for near. The other option is that he can use them at near at a pinch but they will be blurring his vision at distance. So no matter what,  there is no way he can be attaining optimal vision at all working distances. At 46 this is now impossible given the power of the lenses that he seemed to be happily wearing!  He seemed to scoff at the concept of paying $300 for custom made prescription lenses when he can buy them for $9 at the supermarket! If he wears the $300 dollar ones for two years that’s 50 cents per day for perfect clear vision. Life is too short to for this sort of tight fisted nonsense! And given what his distance vision might be with those self prescibed spectacles, his life or someone elses may well end up shorter than expected!

Posted by Murray O'Brien on October 10, 2010