F.A.Q. (online sales)

1. Can I send the frames back if I don’t like them?

Yes you can but we must receive the frame back within ten days of the invoice date. The procedure for doing returns will be included with your frame.

2. What is the warranty policy on your frames?

All our frames come with a two year manufacturer’s warranty. This means that they are guaranteed against manufacturing faults. We cannot guarantee against damage caused during the lens fitting process if we do not do the lens fitting for you.

3. What is the refund policy?

We will refund the frame price minus twenty dollars as a handling fee. Please fill out the enclosed return form indicating how you would like to receive the refund (cheque or direct credit).

4. Can you do the lenses for me as well?

Yes we can. We can do single vision lenses only however. For progressive power lenses you must visit a local optical dispenser or optometrist.

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