We have a great range of sunglasses which are all suitable for prescription use. We carry sunglasses by Bill Bass which are both stylish, practical and well made. We also carry Oroton sunglasses and Dirty Dog.

We also have our own range of rimless wrap sunglasses which are both stylish and practical. We can fully customize your sunglasses to fit your face perfectly as well as doing specialist work like inserting jewels into your lenses.

Sunglass lenses

The options for sunglass lenses are many and varied, however the lenses that give the best results by far are polarized lenses. Polarized lenses block glare in a very mechanical way, unlike non-polarised lenses that simply dull the overall brightness of what you are seeing. Polarized lenses have a thin film of polarizing material in the lens proper. The polarizing material has its molecules lined up similar to the look of a venetian blind. When light is reflected off a surface it is said to be polarised and when one of the planes of polarized light hits the polarizing film it is completely blocked.  The result is much more comfortable vision in those very glarey situations where light is reflecting off primarily horizontal surfaces such as water, roads or other cars. To explore the effects of polarized lenses click here.

Below are two images taken on the beach opposite our office. Notice how in the photo on the right the reflections on the surface of the water have been absorbed? This is exactly how it is when you wear polarized lenses as this image has not been enhanced or altered in any way.

The image on the left is without polarized lenses. The image on the right is with polarized lenses.

Drivewear lenses are another innovation from Younger Optics. They are both polarised and photochromatic using Transitions technology. The advantage with drivewear lenses is that even in dull or overcast situations comfortable vision can be attained whilst the advantages of polarisation remain, then when the conditions brighten up again the lenses darken to normal sunglass depth and unlike other Transitions lenses they react even behind the windscreen of your car!

UV Protection

Ultra violet protection is important but not difficult to obtain even with cheaper sunglasses. Long term UV exposure has been implicated in the development of eye diseases such as cataract, macula degeneration and pterigium, so it pays to stay protected. However UV is generally misunderstood by the general public. Firstly UV is invisible so it does not cause glare! Secondly, the tint of the lens has little to do with how well a lens absorbs UV radiation. A very dark glass lens will not protect you from UV anywhere near as well as a good quality clear spectacle lens! Any sunglass lens that we dispense for you here at Designed Eyes will have the best UV protection that is available.

The ultimate sunglasses

We can create the ultimate pair of prescription sunglasses specifically customized for you. The ultimate sunglasses will have the followng features:

Sunglass lens replacement service

We can replace the lenses in your favourite sunglasses. The price varies depending on the product but for standard plano Nupolar lenses the price is $99. Lens colour is grey, brown and green.