We carry a large range of single vision prescription stock lenses, so very often we can service your needs in an emergency.

I can sometimes make new glasses in 30 minutes. If we don’t have the lenses, often it will be just one or two days.
If your frame is broken we can often reshape your lenses a little and fit them to another frame.
We also do other repairs such as solders, plastic frame welding and polishing and the replacement of joints and hinges.


We can make new lenses to your existing frame. If you can’t be without your glasses we can pre order your lenses then fit them into your frame in about 30 minutes. We will let you know if your frame is not suitable to have this done.

Frame polishing and rejuvenation

Do you have a favourite plastic (acetate) frame which has become dull and scratched? We can re-polish your old frame to make it shine like new! Murray has the skills, experience and equipment get the job done. Please call us if you would like to take advantage of this service.