We have an amazing range of frames for all tastes and sizes. Most of what we carry are manufactured in either Europe or Japan.

There is so much more to the quality of a spectacle frame then what first meets the eye. Quality manufacturing means stronger lighter materials and frame coatings that last much longer and retain their looks. We use iconic brands which are famous within the optical world. Many of our suppliers have been manufacturing frames for half a century or more.
We only stock brands in which we see real value and style. Designer names don’t mean much if the quality is inferior.
Brands we are proud to stock include but not limited to are:

Bolle Kame Man Nen Prodesign Shuron Lightec Etnia Barcelona Francis Klein Koali Rodenstock The Elusive Miss Lou Nano Vista Children’s Eyewear


We are expert in rimless eyewear manufacture. We can make rimless to almost any shape or size. We can do diamante inlays as well as facets. Murray has many years of experience in this area and can handle the most delicate and complex work. We can also do rimless repairs such as re-mounting the lenses with new plugs or screws.

Sparkle with our ‘Elite’ rimless made here on site at Designed Eyes in Rosebud.